Yarrabee Solar Project

Utilising the latest technology

To ensure the highest performance to optimise the electricity generated from the project, Reach Solar Energy will carefully analyse solar technologies. The Yarrabee Solar Project will utilise:

  • PV modules using PV solar panels and single axis tracking system
  • DC to AC inverter stations
  • Ancillary Services equipment to assist the grid, including energy storage system and synchronous condensers
  • A new, 330kV high voltage electrical substation immediately adjacent to the existing Wagga to Darlington Point transmission line
  • Grid connection from the new substation to the existing Wagga 330kV to Darlington Point transmission line

“We’re excited to see the impact and on-going benefits of such a valuable, renewable energy project for the east coast of Australia.”


Yarrabee Solar Project’s numbers


Equivalent of up-to 540,000 cars removed from the roads


Total Project Energy: up-to 2,250 GWh


Equivalent number of houses powered: up-to 315,000


Up-to 600 Jobs During Construction

Our Team

Tony Concannon

Andy Biffen

David Webster

Julian Dichiera

Chris Kendall