Shire of Narrandera

Community Benefits

While the project is being developed to create and provide renewable energy, a range of benefits to the local community of Narrandera. With a focus on hiring locally, and utilising local products, the region will see a range of economic benefits be delivered.

  • Local jobs of both skilled and unskilled labour hire will be available
  • Boost for local small business across the entertainment and hospitality industries
  • Local sports clubs will likely see a growth in membership
  • Local light engineering businesses may be utilised across the project
  • Proposed bus transport to bring labour to site, reducing the impact on local traffic
  • With food & beverage supplied on-site, local suppliers will likely see a boost in business
  • With accommodation to be supplied to those from out of the area, local hotels, motels and B&B’s will likely see an increase in long-term guests
  • With up to 450 staff employed during peak construction of the project, many local facilities will also see an increase in business