Solar power is one of the world’s leading sources of renewable energy.  With the increasing threat of global warming, people around the globe are turning to renewable energy sources to power their homes and businesses.  Australia is no different. Reach Solar Energy recognised Australian’s need for more renewable energy sources.

Solar power has many benefits, and the Yarrabee Solar Project is no different:

  • Utilising the latest technologies, these panels are built to last, reducing waste
  • Yarrabee Solar Project will be equivalent of removing up-to 1,000,000 cars from the roads (CO2e)
  • Yarrabee Solar Project will produce enough electricity to power 500,000 homes
  • Sheep will be able to roam the project, grazing between the panels, naturally maintaining the project
  • Solar power can be stored and used during night hours, reducing reliance on the grid
  • The total energy that Yarrabee Solar Project will produce is up to 2,460GWh